Email 1:

WHEN SENT: Issued on sign up to program

Subject Title: Welcome to the Level Up Program!

Congratulations on your decision to register for the Level Up Program!

We are so excited to be working with you and are sure you will get a lot out of the program.

In a separate email you will receive an invoice showing a nil balance that you can keep for tax purposes.

Please take a moment to read the information below carefully as it contains some important detail about the program. We also encourage you to diarise as much of the training as you can to make the most out of the program.


When you registered, you nominated a username and password you would like to use to log into the online resources portal. The online resource portal

You can now log into the portal here.

Forgotten the password you nominated? No problem. You can request to set a new password here.

Register for a workshop!

As you have registered for the entire program, you gain access to the workshops as a priority, and at no additional cost! To gain complimentary access simply use the code ‘PROGRAMVIP’ as a coupon code on check out. Please do not share this code with anyone else. We are able to cross-check if people registering are program participants and will not grant access to those using the voucher code who have not registered for the full program.

To ensure your place at workshops, we recommend you check out the list of upcoming sessions now and register. Please note that once registered, this space will be held exclusively for you so if you do register and cannot attend, please let us know as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you at a workshop soon!

Register for a Webinar

As you have registered for the entire program, your name will be added to all upcoming webinars automatically, and you will be sent reminders as to when these sessions are coming up. Webinars will be held on Tuesdays at 7:30pm on the following dates (diarise these now!):
02/05/17 – 730pm
Webinar 1 – Getting online with faster internet, and being safe and smart online with storage and backups

09/05/17 – 730pm
Webinar 2 – Working more efficiently online

16/05/17 – 730pm
Webinar 3 – Online Communication & Collaboration systems

23/05/17 – 730pm
Webinar 4 – Video conferencing & video capture solutions

06/06/17 – 730pm
Webinar 5 – Banking & accounting online

09/06/17 – 730pm
Webinar 6 – Selling online & marketing your business online

27/06/17 – 730pm
Webinar 7 – Online procedures & systems

04/07/17 – 730pm
Webinar 8 – Automations

18/07/17 – 730pm
Webinar 9 – Customer experience systems online

25/07/17 – 730pm
Webinar 10 – Customer satisfaction systems online

01/08/17 – 730pm
Webinar 11 – Learning online, providing training online, Project Management & Collaboration Software

08/08/17 – 730pm
Webinar 12 – Open Data, Data analytics & reporting

If you can’t make it to the live webinars please note that recordings will be made available. We will inform you as recordings are made available to access and these will also be added to the online portal.

Getting Help

There are a range of options available to you when it comes to getting started with the Level Up program, or participating in the program. Here they are, listed for your convenience:

  1. Frequently asked questions – We are constantly collating FAQs and their corresponding answers.  Chances are we have an answer to your questions, which you can access 24/7 here.
  2. Private Facebook Group – Have a question regarding something covered in a workshop or webinar or regarding the program content in general? Achieved some success with what you’ve learned (big or small). Stuck on something and needing some help? Post your comments on the program Facebook Group and other participants, mentors will respond. Please note this group has previously been used for other programs, so there is already a great audience of over 460 members!
  3. Mentors – Feeling confused? Overwhelmed? Out of your depth? Don’t despair! Sit down with one of our mentors who are located throughout Queensland and who are ready and willing to assist you. You will find information on how to do this within the online portal, so log in and take a look!
  4. Email – If you just cannot find the answer to your questions, please email us on
  5. Phone – If you feel a little overwhelmed and if you would just like to talk to a human, please call us at the office 07 5451 1315.

Happy to help.

Thank you once again for registering for the program. We can’t wait to help you ‘Level Up’ in business.

We look forward to getting to know you and helping you achieve improved productivity and profitability with your business!



Email 2: 

WHEN SENT: 12 April 2017
READ IT HERE: The first Level Up workshop is on next week. Will we see you there?