It’s one thing to learn a bunch of new information to make your business better, but sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to decide what to do first and to make sure you do actually implement the strategies you are learning. That’s why as part of the program we have amassed a team of mentors located across the region, who are ready and waiting to assist you with the program on a mentor basis.

A mentor varies from a consultant in that they will not provide specific advice, rather they will work with you to assist you to reach your own conclusions. Our mentors are under strict duress not to solicit business during the program, however should you form a relationship with someone you wish to engage post the program, you are more than welcome to do so.

Mentors are only available to businesses engaging in the full program i.e. not for those engaging in one off webinars or workshops, and are available by appointment and at no additional cost to program participants. Once you register for the program [link to this page] you will have access to the program portal where you can access details on how to request a mentor appointment. We will also explain how this service works as part of the information sessions.

Meet the Mentors




Mic is a creative technologist with a specialty in accessible interactive experiences that inspire mass community engagement and memorable social connections. His work encourages creative use of technology to promote outcome focussed innovation with child-like optimism and authenticity.

Mic is the founder of Mic’s Lab, a commercial software and hardware Internet of Things (IoT) R&D lab on the Sunshine Coast. Mic’s Lab has a diverse portfolio of projects including mass creative public lighting control, wireless construction machines, interactive public art projects, gamification and accessibility of mental health, youth empowerment and community engagement projects.

An award winning innovator and community engagement ambassador, Mic is an approachable and authentic visionary, engaging mentor and keen listener with a strong sense of urgency for inclusivity of all kinds including gender diversity. He’s also a developer and designer himself and unlocks digital literacy skills in others whilst maintaining a strong “accidentally do it right” method of delivering deep learning.

Mic is currently enjoying working on civic placemaking projects such as large scale interactive creative lighting and exploring the gamification of brain to computer interfaces for mental wellness for youth and the elderly. He shares his experiences in his many projects through mentorship, program design and leading by example having involved thousands across the country in the delivery of his works.




Ben Amos is founder and creative director of Innovate Media; one of Queensland's most sought after online video strategy and production agencies, based on the Sunshine Coast. He is also founder of the Vlog Pod and Chief Digital Strategist over at Engage Video Marketing. He is also currently writing the book on how professional service firms can engage clients more effectively with online video.

At the heart of it - Ben loves showing people how to grow market reach and revenue in the real world by tapping into the power of online video marketing for their business.




Luke Humble is a successful entrepreneur and marketing professional, who has been at the core of the formation of a portfolio of international businesses including Frozen Motion (Clubsnapper), Demonic Group, Rock It Rally, Exquisite Wines, Harmonize Media and Scanning Ocean Sectors.
A pioneer in his field, Luke is now the Managing Director of Italic Creative, an award winning creative agency which offers innovative design and commercial solutions to its international client base across Australia, the UK, the USA, Dubai and Europe.
With over eighteen years in the industry, Luke specialises in the digital arena, implementing strategic initiatives across technology streams in order to drive business success. Luke is also experienced in diagnosing business management vulnerabilities and in recognising untapped sources of commercial growth, advising on the enhancement and streamlining of business models in order to take a larger, more profitable slice of the relevant market.




Sean Bannister is a digital native who likes to think big. After selling his first tech company at just 16, Sean was destined for an entrepreneurial life in digital technology. Sean started his career working as a software engineer and project manager at a number of technology companies around Australia.
Now based on the Sunshine Coast, he energises the local tech industry by creating networking groups and opportunities for entrepreneurs to collaborate. He was instrumental in establishing the El Grande events (The Big One) that connects hundreds of aspiring startups, marketers, technologists and entrepreneurs four times per year.

Sean is also heavily involved in Silicon Coast, a non-profit group that brings entrepreneurs together and supports innovation, resourcing and collaboration.

Sean recently won two accolades at the GovHack National Red Carpet Awards. He also won the Sunshine Coast’s inaugural Hackfest in 2015 by developing a smart parking app that allows drivers to identify vacant parking spaces at a range of locations across the Coast. Sean is currently working with Sunshine Coast Council to further develop the app.




Andrea Martins is a digital role-model who loves inspiring local entrepreneurs to grow the seed of their idea. She is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at TriggerApp - an easy-to-use time tracking and project management tool. Based on the Sunshine Coast, Andrea has also had great success with her own online businesses. She sold her first website for six figures and her most recent startup was awarded $40k after completing the intensive River City Labs startup accelerator program. Andrea serves on Spark Bureau’s Incubator panel of advisors, the organising committee for Startup Weekend Youth and as a mentor for Generation Innovation.


– Have you achieved business success?

– Do you have specialist knowledge that you would be happy to share?

– Would you get a kick out of supporting program participants on their journey and being a part of their business success?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may make a great mentor for this program!

Got Questions?

Why do we need mentors?

As we are hopeful of training many people across the region, and are anticipating some will require one on one assistance, we are seeking mentors who are ready and willing to support program participants to understand the program content and articulate it into their businesses and generally address commercial challenges they may encounter.


How would I provide mentoring?

You may choose to meet face-to-face, or provide mentoring to people over the phone, email or Skype. We recommend 1/2 hour to 1 hour sessions at a time.

How will mentoring be facilitated?

In accordance with reporting requirements, program participants will view the list of available mentors on this website, and will then submit an online form requesting to be connected with a specific mentor which will go direct to you if you are selected. Presenters and project coordinators will also encourage and arrange program participants to connect with mentors when it is identified they could add value. You will be given the opportunity to accept or decline mentor session requests on a case by case basis.

How much of my time will this take?

You can provide as much or as little mentoring time as you can afford but it would be wonderful if you could allocate at least 1 hour per week (1 mentoring session per week) or more to the cause.

What is mentoring?

A mentor varies from a consultant in that they will not provide specific advice, rather they should ask open ended questions to assist the mentee (or program participant) to make decisions, reach their own conclusions and move on with confidence. Mentors may also assist mentees to keep accountable by setting them ‘homework’ or assisting them to commit to an action plan in between mentoring sessions

What sort of problems can a mentor assist with?

Mentor discussions may cover any aspect of business and not just the topics covered in the program outline [link to program page]. Therefore it is not essential for mentors to have any experience or skills with online technologies and digital marketing strategies, however mentors from this sector are most welcome. Discussions at mentor sessions may include:

– business expansion
– market development
– intellectual property protection

– financial and cash flow management
– corporate partnering
– operations improvement
– value chain networks
– export readiness
– research and development
– distribution and logistics
– human resource management
– corporate governance and risk management
– exit strategy planning
– investment and finance.

What do mentors gain from their involvement in the Level Up Program?

Mentors will be granted access all content from the program for their own personal and professional development at no cost, however the rebate will not apply. Mentors will also have the chance to be introduced and say a few words at the various information evenings/welcome sessions happening around the state, will be featured on our dedicated mentor page and featured where relevant in program marketing.  Mentors are expected to donate their time and knowledge on a volunteer basis for the duration of the program.

If I become a mentor, can I solicit business from program participants?

Mentors will be required to sign an agreement to be accepted as a mentor for the program putting them under strict duress not to solicit business during the program. However should you form a relationship with someone who wishes to engage you post the program, you are more than welcome to do so.

If you are a business leader who would like to contribute to the success of other Queensland businesses please register your interest in becoming a mentor.

For more information, simply contact us on one of the options below or fill in the enquiry form below and one of our team members will be in touch shortly!