Level Up Program

Ready to sign up for the 12 module Level Up Program and all it’s inclusions? Great!

Information and welcome sessions:

  • Workshops – come to as many as you like inclusive of this one time fee
  • Webinars – access live sessions and/or recordings inclusive of this one time fee
  • Mentoring – exclusively available to program participants (not webinar or workshop participants only)
  • Online Resources Portal – exclusively available to program participants log in and access resources to aid your learning
  • Dedicated Facebook Group – exclusively available to program participants – ask questions, gain support and share successes as you move through the program.

All of the above is valued at $995, but as this program is brought to you by Council at a subsidised rate to ensure our local businesses have the skills they need to succeed and grow their business, access is available to companies for a once only registration and administration fee of $295.00 (inc GST) per person for up to 4 registrants per company.

IMPORTANT – Please make sure you whitelist us!

Please note, after signing up you should immediately whitelist the email businessdevelopment@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au as this is the email all program communications will be sent from.

What is whitelisting?

Spam filters on email software generally have both whitelists and blacklists of senders and keywords to look for in emails. If a spam filter keeps a whitelist, mail from the email addresses, domains, and/or IP address will always be allowed into your inbox, and will not end up in your spam or trash.

How do you whitelist an email in Outlook 2003 – 2007

  1. Open a message from the desired sender (businessdevelopment@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au).
  2. Go to the Actions option in the top tool bar.
  3. Select Junk E-mail from the drop down menu.
  4. Select the Add Sender to Safe Senders List option.
How do you whitelist an email in Gmail (create a filter for the address)
  1. Mouse over the Settings menu icon and select Settings
  2. Click Filters and then Add
  3. Enter a Filter Name
  4. Either the email you want to whitelist in the Sender field (businessdevelopment@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au)
  5. Select Inbox as the folder to deliver the email to.
  6. Click Save and then click Save again.


Attend a free info session via webinar.

Attend a free LIVE info session

Attend x1 or more in-person workshops.
COST: (Valued at $200) $75 inc GST per 3.5 HOUR workshop (approx $30/topic) including access to webinar recordings.

Attend x1 or more live content webinars
COST: Free.