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Grow your business through supplying to government and large organisations

Procuring to large organisations provides opportunity to expand your operation and validates your business to more customers. Find information, resources and tender alert services from all levels of government to build the capability of your business.

What to find

Sunshine Coast Council procurement

Council is committed to supporting the local community by generating employment opportunities, strengthening local supply chains and supporting competitive local business development and industry networks.

This is encouraged by facilitating a preference for local suppliers and identifying social benefits and First Nations provider opportunities when undertaking procurement activities.

Recent update to council’s procurement policy focuses on further engaging with local suppliers. The policy asks that local suppliers are only invited to respond to Request for Quotes up to $500,000, unless there are no suitable local suppliers to invite.

All procurement activities undertaken by council include Social and Economic Factor criteria. This is a weighted criteria which allows suppliers to address their contribution to the local economy and identifies any social benefit or First Nations provider opportunities within their business and/or supply chain.

Tender alert

Local businesses are encouraged to submit tenders for Sunshine Coast Council procurement contracts for goods and services and disposal of non-current assets. Subscribe to councils tender alert service to receive notifications on new tenders, upcoming Doing Business with Council events, new supplier arrangements and more.

For more information, you can email [email protected] or phone (07) 5441 8287.

Event suppliers

EventsConnect is a FREE listing platform for all Sunshine Coast LGA event suppliers such as venues, facilities, sport and event services. It is a virtual one-stop-shop and was developed to connect the local events industry to event organisers, as well as offer a business-to-business Supplier Portal so that businesses can share opportunities, knowledge and resources. 

Learn more here.

Supplier briefing

Find out more about upcoming capital works and service contracts and opportunities through these council briefings. Attending these sessions will give you more detail on the council procurement process and allow you to speak with council officers.

Find our more here.

First Nations Supplier Day

Sunshine Coast First Nations Supplier Day showcases First Nations businesses to government, NGOs and corporate businesses and provides opportunity to build relationships. The event highlights First Nations businesses and their ongoing contribution to the sustainability of the Sunshine Coast region. Organisations can attend this event to learn about products and services First Nations businesses provide and discuss potential supplier opportunities.

Find our more here.

Business Gateway

Council has partnered with the industry capability network (ICN) to deliver the business gateway platform. The platform allows project managers to advertise projects that need suppliers. Suppliers also create profiles that show what they can do. This helps businesses find work and projects find suppliers.

You can create a supplier profile by clicking here.

Queensland Government procurement

Stay updated with upcoming procurement contracts with the Queensland Government and find resources that will help you submit a competitive tender.

Visit the following pages to find contracts and procurement information.

Growing Queensland Business Roadshow

Business Queensland travel to regions in the state in a roadshow program that:

  • allows you to connect with local and state government representatives
  • provides practical tips and information on government procurement, ‘greening’ your business and the 2032 Brisbane Olympics.

Subscribe to the mailing list to find out when the roadshow will be visiting your region.

Find out more here.

Supplying to the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games

The Queensland Government has released Brisbane 2032. The procurement strategy outlines how businesses can align with Buy Queensland elements to become an attractive supplier. Buy Queensland introduces strategies, policy and practice that defines the State Governments procurement approach.

Alignments to Buy Queensland include:

  • Local – A local benefits approach will apply to support local Queensland businesses and workforce.
  • Sustainable – Businesses supplying to the Games will help Queensland in achieving economy-wide emissions reduction targets.
  • Ethical – Expectations are set that businesses are ethical and comply with expectations set by the Games.
  • Diverse – Various supplier groups will be targeted to deliver specific contracts to provide a more diverse range of businesses and skills. 

Find out more here.

Australian Government procurement

AusTender is a centralised platform that aggregates all Australian Government procurement opportunities.

Find out more here.

Selling to government

Do you have a lot of questions related to supplying to government? Visit this page to find valuable information on:

  • rules associated with supplying to the Australian Government
  • considerations around determining your tender value
  • tender criteria and evaluation.

Find out more here.

Supply and procure

Supply and source recovered resources

ASPIRE is a circular economy platform that allows businesses to turn their waste into a resource for other businesses. List your waste streams on ASPIRE as a free or low-cost resource that other businesses require for their own production or operation.

Sunshine Coast Council has invested in an enterprise license with ASPIRE which provides businesses within the LGA with less than 100 staff access to the platform for free.

Find out more and register your business here.

Supply to government

Local Buy helps streamline procurement processes for government through preapproving local suppliers that meet a set criterion. This allows governments to select suppliers from a pool of qualified and capable businesses.

Register your business to become a supplier that meets government standard.

Find out more here.

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