Business upgrades

Find your upgrades to Level Up your business

Succeeding in business is a lot like a game. You start at Level 1, you become more skilled, you work your way up the levels. The more you play, the better you get. Thankfully, business is a multiplayer game. Your support network provides you with the information, resources, programs and tools  you need to upgrade different areas of your business and Level Up. Find your upgrades here.

Business planning Level Up

Business planning

Get your business off to the best start or map your business growth. Business planning helps you identify exactly what your business is and its journey to success.

Networks and support

Build a network consisting of your local Chamber of Commerce, Industry Groups and the wider Sunshine Coast Business Community. These relationships can provide your business with support and offer unique opportunities. Collaborate with other businesses or seek advice and gain insight from their past experiences. 

Sunshine Coast business support and networks
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Continuity planning

Business continuity planning gives you the opportunity to identify potential disruptions to your business. This allows your business to introduce preventative measures and actions to mitigate a disruption before it becomes a crisis. A plan will also guide your business in its recovery following a crisis.

Permits, licences and regulations

Planning on starting a business or expanding a current one? If so, there may be permits, licences and regulations that you need to consider. Investigate the local, state and federal government permits, licences and regulations relevant to your business.

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Grants, funding and programs

Discover capital raising opportunities from grant and funding programs delivered by government, private and other organisations. You can also find tools and support on how to make a strong grant application. 

Sustainability in business

Sustainability has become increasingly important in business and it’s not just because of the environmental impacts: It can also increase operational efficiencies, improve consumer attractiveness, and consolidate business relationships.

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Digital upskilling

Digitalisation has evolved how businesses operate and work in a global economy. Businesses can now harness online tools, programs and strategies to help improve processes, collaboration and innovation in the workplace. 

Supplying and procurement

Procuring to large organisations provides opportunity to expand your operation and validates your business to more customers. Find information, resources and tender alert services from all levels of government to build the capability of your business.