Webinar 7  – Online procedures and systems

Price: Free!

Location: Online

Date: 27 June 2017

Time: 7:30pm



If you’d like to take leave from your business, step sideways into a different role or simply escape a repetitive or menial set of tasks to concentrate on an area of your business where you can make the best impact, then you need to document your businesses procedures and systems for others to follow.

Even better, place them online and encourage your team and business advisers to create and collaborate these as your business evolves to ensure quality assurance in the way your businesses products or services are created or delivered.

The creation of business procedures also adds great value to your business should you ever have aspirations of selling it one day, or simply to jog your memory on how to log in or complete a task if time has passed since you last performed it. Business processes, procedures and standards are also vital for training staff and induction programs, as well as formal processes like staff performance reviews.

Jump on this one hour webinar and learn more about the importance and benefits of online procedures and systems, and improve your productivity and profitability! Learn:

  • What an operations manual is and why you need one
  • Understand the difference between processes, procedures and standards
  • Explore the benefits of creating processes, procedures and standards for your business
    What a procedure is and how to create one
  • Coming up with a plan of what processes, procedures and standards your business might need based on your core business activities
  • How to create effective processes, procedures and standards
  • Options for taking your procedures, processes and standards online
  • How you can collaborate on the creation and update of your procedures, processes and standards online
  • Methods of sharing your procedures, processes and standards online so your networks are aware of them on creation and know where to access them into the future
  • And more


  • People who are not already documenting their business procedures or saving them online

  • People who are documenting their business procedures and saving them online but who would like some guidance on how they could be improving their approach to this

  • People who are interested in gaining overall efficiencies around their online activities

  • People who would like strategies to allow them to work on the business and not in the business as much


  • A dynamic and interactive one hour webinar with someone who knows what they are talking about
  • The opportunity to ask questions
  • Inspiration, information and innovative techniques to take home and try too
  • Live demonstrations


Laurel GreyGuest speaker – Laurel Grey

Laurel Grey is an Organisational Analyst at Get Digital Flow.

She holds a Business Degree, with Information Systems and Organisational Behaviour specialisations, from Boston University. She graduated in 2006 and since, has continued her relationship with the Boston University Sydney Program.

Prior to working with Get Digital Flow, Laurel ran Happily Organised in both Singapore and Australia, partnering with Howards Storage World in Singapore and offering both home and business organising solutions. After working with nearly 200 clients, she decided to focus on the digital space for businesses, joining Get Digital Flow in late 2015.

A self-proclaimed technology geek, Laurel has always enjoyed streamlining technology throughout her career and gets a real kick out of helping small and medium businesses to organise and automate their technology so that they can focus on what they do best.

In addition to disrupting technology at Get Digital Flow, Laurel hosts two programs on BRiN.ai: Teach Me Tech, an hour-long demo-based program showcasing the latest cloud applications, and Tech Bytes, short technology snippets aired on commercial breaks.

On the weekends, Laurel retreats back to Manly, where she lives by the beach and is known for throwing raucous dance parties. She’s still getting the hang of the beach lifestyle thing, but other than tanning well, her beach volleyball skills could use a little work.


Facilitator – Katrina Lees

With humble beginnings as a student doing work experience for The Creative Collective during its first year in operation (2007), Katrina was quickly snapped up as a contractor working. In 2009, Katrina became the first franchisee of The Creative Collective, establishing the Newcastle office.

In 2014 Katrina and Yvette Adams (another Level Up trainer) joined forces as business partners, with Kat taking on 50% shares in the company at the tender age of 30.

Since the partnership, The Creative Collective have expanded the service offering, driven extensive growth and further streamlined client experiences with the agency through the extensive use of communication and collaboration systems.

Drawing on a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in design and communication from the University of the Sunshine Coast Kat’s strengths lie in design, web development and crowdfunding. She also takes the lead on logistics, finance and operations with projects.

She has taken the lead on the research and implementation of many new systems for The Creative Collective, including mastering the art of automations, to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in our processes where ever possible.

Kat will share the exact techniques she has used with much success for her own company.



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