Continuity planning for resilience and recovery

Strengthen your business in anticipation of disruptions

Businesses are faced with disruptions and setbacks caused by internal and external influences. Building resilience and planning in business for recovery ensures that the impacts to your business is mitigated.

Preparing for emergencies

Emergency Management Plan

Business Queensland has provided information and templates to help businesses create an effective Emergency Management Plan. The plan includes a:

  • continuity plan to identify risks to prepare for emergencies
  • emergency action plan to inform businesses and staff of actions to take during an emergency
  • recovery plan to lead business recovery following an emergency.

Visit Business Queensland to find templates and information.

Continuity planning

Businesses can use the following approach as a guide to build a continuity plan. Here’s what to consider including:

  • Introduction:
    • Distribution list: Where and who will receive a copy?
    • Executive Summary: An overall summary of the plan
    • Objectives: What will this plan achieve
  • Risk Management Plan: Understand the disruptions to your business and how to mitigate their impact. Learn how to develop your Risk Management Plan here .
  • Business Impact Analysis: This analysis identifies direct impacts on key business activities from disruptions and the effect on the overall business. Learn how to conduct a business impact analysis here .
  • Incident Response Plan: Plan the response to your disruptions before, during and after they happen. Learn how to develop an incident response plan here .
  • Recovery Plan: Map out how you will recover from disruptions over a realistic timeframe. Learn how to develop your recovery plan here.

Manage your continuity plan

Now that you’ve developed your continuity plan, make sure that you continue to review it to ensure that it’s up-to-date and includes any new disruptions that your business may be susceptible to. Train your staff on the plan with any new inclusions along the way so your workplace is ready. More info here.

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