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Access government and private assistance

Find opportunities from government and the private sector that will help raise capital, build capabilities, invest in innovation and more. These opportunities are delivered to help support your business growth and advance industries.

Grants and funding

Upgrade your business with grant and funding opporunites

Sunshine Coast Council Funding Finder

The Sunshine Coast Council’s Funding Finder allows businesses and community organisations to search grant and funding opportunities. Grow your business by finding federal, state and local government grants, loans and subsidies. Businesses can also find opportunities from commercial funders and private philanthropic organisations.

Search keywords relating to your business to discover the opportunities available. Find your funding here.

Small business grants

The Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT) provides grants and programs for small businesses through several initiatives.

Queensland Government Grants Finder

Find grants and assistance programs from the Queensland Government here.

Grant writing support

Business Queensland provides insightful and practical information on preparing and writing grant applications. Learn how to:

  • write a grant application
  • build a strong case
  • get your budget right
  • review your application.

Grants and programs finder

Use this easy tool to find Australian government grants, funding and support programs relevant to your business. Answer a quick series of questions to help identify what opportunities are available.

Find out more here.

SunCoast Angels

Seek seed and startup capital through SunCoast Angel investors who invest in high growth ventures. They seek entrepreneurial ventures that:

  • are located on the Sunshine Coast
  • are seeking $50,000 or more in funding
  • can demonstrate a sustainable competitive advantage
  • are a high growth business
  • have an easily scalable business model
  • address a compelling market need and/or demand
  • have a coachable management team
  • can demonstrate the ability to deliver a return on investment seven times greater over five to seven years.

Find out more here.

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