Permits, licences and regulations

Find government requirements for your business

Planning on starting a business or expanding a current one? If so, there may be permits, licences and regulations that you need to consider. Investigate the local, state and federal government permits, licences and regulations relevant to your business.

Sunshine Coast Council

Sunshine Coast Council permits, licences and regulations

The Sunshine Coast Council has provided extensive information on what permits, licences and regulations are required for businesses to operate in the region.

Property and development information

Sunshine Coast Council’s Development.i provides a more accessible way for the community to be informed of and explore development applications in the Sunshine Coast local government area. It allows users on any device to navigate, visualise, track and be alerted to applications in addition to assisting you in developing your own applications. Stay informed of all development applications in the Sunshine Coast local government area.

Have easy access to past and current applications details and basic property information, so it’s easy for you to:

  • keep informed about what is happening in your area
  • prepare applications
  • make a submission to the council on an impact assessable application.

Find resources here that will guide you on how to use the platform.

Find Development.i here .

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