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Accessibility in business

Employing people with disability

Employers of people with disabilities can experience higher levels of productivity and foster a more inclusive and diverse workplace. Changes to the working environment can be required but often cost nothing to the business. Benefits to a more inclusive workplace include:

  • access to a talent pool of skilled workers
  • alternate problem-solving approaches that lead to increased innovation
  • higher employee retention and engagement
  • consumers supportive of inclusive workforce
  • mutual benefit for all employees in an inclusive workplace.

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Australian Human Rights Commission and IncludeAbility have compiled an online employer page that gives you resources to help create employment opportunities and make a more accessible and inclusive workplace.

The page includes guides and factsheets on:

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Recruiting assistance

Job Access is an Australian Government support service for people with disabilities, employers and service providers. Employers can find assistance through this service that helps remove barriers to employing people with disabilities. Find expertise in:

  • training and recruitment
  • workplace adjustments
  • occupational therapy.

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Seniors and carers card affiliation

Senior and carer card holders can access discounts at registered businesses. Businesses can register to become a participating business online. Joining the scheme can help build your customer base through:

  • inclusion on the online discount directory for cardholders
  • your business details being shared with domestic and international cardholders if you choose.

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Companion card affiliation

The Companion Card program supports people with disabilities to participate in activities by allowing companions entry with no charge. Businesses that charge an admission fee or participation fee can become an affiliate with the companion card.

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Accessible tourism toolkit

The Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport has developed a toolkit that tourism businesses can use to make their business more accessible for all visitors. Some of the toolkit resources include:

  • video modules
  • access templates
  • accessible communication
  • checklist

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Utilise accessibility platforms

Spinal Life Australia has created the Accessible Australia app to allow people to search businesses and find out their accessibility rating and reviews. Add your business to the platform to show that you’re an accessible business.

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Create accessible online platforms

Find a wealth of resources that will guide you in developing website, apps and other digital platforms accessible for people with disabilities.

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Auslan in the workplace

Create a more inclusive work environment for your staff with hearing impairments by providing Auslan training to your workplace.

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Hosting accessible and inclusive online meetings and events

Businesses should ensure that when hosting a meeting online that the meeting is easily accessible for all. Here are some simple points to consider when organising and delivering an online meeting.

When preparing:

  • include a telephone dial-in alternative for those with no computer or internet access
  • provide an agenda and meeting materials in alternate formats for those who require it.
  • note a contact person that can accessing the meeting if issues arise.

When hosting the meeting:

  • mention if the meeting is being recorded
  • read names of attendees to help blind attendees understand who is in the meeting
  • assign someone to monitor the chat so attendees unable to speak can have their comments and questions responded to.
  • speak clear and simple and ensure all text font is large and easy to read.

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