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Sustainability has become increasingly important in business and it’s not just because of the environmental impacts: It can also increase operational efficiencies, improve consumer attractiveness, and consolidate business relationships. The following information and resources will help guide you in improving business sustainability and energy use.

Sunshine Coast Biosphere

The Sunshine Coast has been recognised as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve which gives the region recognition as an area of natural beauty where people live and work. As a biosphere, the Sunshine Coast is active in conservation while responsibly developing and living sustainably.

The Sunshine Coast Biosphere  is one of five in Australia, joining a global network of
more than 700 reserves in over 130 countries.


What are the benefits of being a biosphere?

  • Economy and business:
    The Biosphere will attract more investment to our region and help local business grow by creation of niche markets for our region’s products and services, facilities and practices.
  • Agriculture, forestry and fisheries:
    It provides a premium brand to increase the value of products and services through a sustainable ‘Produced on the Sunshine Coast’ brand. It also protects these industries as an important part of our economy.
  • Development and construction:
    Achieves planning principles for urban consolidation and sustainable design to deliver inclusive and vibrant communities.
  • Partnerships:
    Increases collaboration between schools, academia, business and government with focus on sustainability projects.
  • Tourism:
    Raises the profile of the Sunshine Coast and increases the desirability of our region as a holiday destination.

What can businesses do?

Information will soon be released on how businesses can align themselves with the biosphere. Biosphere credentials will be a proud badge for businesses that will show customers and suppliers they are working sustainably in our environment.

Keep updated on the biosphere here .

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