Sustainability in business

Create efficiencies and reduce your environmental footprint

Sustainability has become increasingly important in business and it’s not just because of the environmental impacts: It can also increase operational efficiencies, improve consumer attractiveness, and consolidate business relationships. The following information and resources will help guide you in improving business sustainability and energy use.

Water management

Managing water usage ensures that you maximise your water use, and associated costs are mitigated. Efficient water use also reduces the electricity and/or gas used to heat hot water.

Unitywater provides water supply and sewage treatment services to the Sunshine Coast region. They have provided water management information that will help your business stay on top of its water use. Find information on:

Business Queensland has provided simple ways businesses can reduce water usage. has listed steps to manage water usages in your business.

  1. Monitor your water usage and create a benchmark
    : Identify your regular usage over a set time period to compare your subsequent usage. This helps you assess your overall usage and where efficiencies can be made.
  2. Identify leaks
    : Use your benchmark to identify abnormalities in your water usage.
  3. Use water effectively
    : Consider introducing new water saving measures and devices.
  4. Check state water rules
    : Industry requirements for water standards vary depending on your location – become familiar with your local
    rules and regulations

Expert business sustainability support

ecoBiz is a free program aimed at small to medium sized businesses to help improve water, energy and waste efficiencies and savings. An expert will help you develop an action plan that can be implemented into your business to make your operation more sustainable.

Find out more here .

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