Sustainability in business

Create efficiencies and reduce your environmental footprint

Sustainability has become increasingly important in business and it’s not just because of the environmental impacts: It can also increase operational efficiencies, improve consumer attractiveness, and consolidate business relationships. The following information and resources will help guide you in improving business sustainability and energy use.

Waste management

Find steps to better manage your waste and a platform to save costs by exchanging waste streams.

Steps to better manage waste in your business

  1. Measure your waste: record how much waste goes into your bin over a period of time.
  2. Reduce waste going to landfill: Determine which of your waste streams could be reduced, reused, or recycled.
  3. Identify local recyclers: Find local recyclers that accept your different waste streams. Check out this recycling directory .
  4. Understand your recycler and waste arrangements: Consider your current arrangements with your waste and recycling service provider and how this might impact your transition to better waste management.
  5. Introduce new waste collection methods: It’s now time to introduce new methods that will ensure that your waste is being disposed of correctly.

Learn more about steps to better waste management here.

Trade your waste

ASPIRE is a free online circular economy tool for organisations on the Sunshine Coast with an ABN and up to 100 staff. The tool uses smart algorithmic matching to facilitate trading, exchanging or selling of unwanted waste streams. Businesses that use ASPIRE can save money on disposal costs, reduce their carbon footprint and capture data related to their carbon emissions savings.

Find out more about ASPIRE here.

Textile recovery and recycling

Upparel is a textile recovery service that collects unwanted textiles from individuals and businesses to sort for re-distribution in second-hand stores or recycled into other resources. This can be used as a sustainable option for discarding unwanted stock, uniforms, offcuts and more.

Find out more about Upparel here.

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