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B2B Marketing

LinkedIn is the place to be when it comes to B2B marketing.

Looking to target the decision makers? There are over 46 million of them on LinkedIn. Do you want to make your company known to someone in the C-Suite? LinkedIn has over 10 million C-Level individuals. From entry-level professionals to influencers, to experienced decision-makers, everyone you need to target for B2B is on LinkedIn.

It is also the number one business and career driven social media platform. Users go on LinkedIn to find out the latest in industry trends, so your ads will reach an audience who is open and receptive to your business.

We’re gonna touch briefly on the LinkedIn funnel. The funnel consists of four steps in order to keep your audience top of mind and keep them attracted to your business.

  1. Attracting: You want to go out with a brand awareness campaign and let people know who you are. Put your foot in the door. Make sure that your audience is aware of who you are and what your industry is.
  2. Engage: Now that people know who you are, you want to come to them with stronger engagement. You want to pull them in, tell them more about your business, give them some information for free that they can utilise so that they want to know more and begin to trust you.
  3. Nurture: The nurture phase is where you get your conversions, whether it’s signups, purchases, job applications, anything.
  4. Close: Once they have purchased or converted with you, they’re going to go out and meet new people and tell them about your brand.

B2B strategy

  1. The funnel, which we just briefly touched on, but it’s really important to remember it.
  2. Provide clear and relevant value: Most social media platforms, including LinkedIn, prioritise ad content based on how relevant it is to its audience. The ad delivery system is designed to provide users with highly contextual ad experiences that show them content that they are likely to be interested in. It’s important to note that when you tailor ad copy to your audience and provide them immediate value, that puts you at the top of the line.
  3. Experiment with audiences.
  4. Identify the right type of ad for your audience.
  5. Create a brand awareness campaign.

LinkedIn has some amazing capabilities, which we’ve previously touched on, but for B2B it’s brilliant. You can target someone based on their company name, their company industry, the company size, job title, job function, job, seniority, member schools, field of study degrees, member skills, member groups, member gender, and member age and location. Check out our short video on engaging in B2B marketing.

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