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eCommerce fulfilment

At a bare minimum, you will need two things to enable fulfilment from your eCommerce store so your orders can get to your customers.

  1. Packaging/mailers/boxes.
    • The size and type of packaging you will need is purely dependant on your product.
      is a great business that has a range of mailing bags and boxes that are environmentally friendly and look great when they arrive at your customers door step.
  2. A label printer.
    • These can be frustrating to set up, but once they’re connected you shouldn’t need to play around with it too much. A good thermal printer with (generally) 6×4 labels will get you going. We recommend investing in a high quality label printer so you can print remotely and straight from shopify.

Once you’re sorted on the packaging and label front, you’ll need to decide which carrier to have deliver your items. Australia Post is often the default, and to print labels for business use you’ll need to create a business account. Sendle is another great option that offers pick up from your address as well as drop off at various sendle partners, like BP service stations for example.

Check out our short video on eCommerce fulfilment.

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