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Product feed management

Product feed management, sometimes called ‘data feed management’ or just ‘feed management’, is a process by which businesses control and promote their products on a variety of platforms and channels from a single source.

It’s an extra layer of rules and product information that you customise to distribute your digital listings and optimise their performance. If you have an online shop and want to sell your products, your goal is to have your offer displayed with the right information and in the best possible way.

No matter where you sell, your potential customers expect to receive product information that is accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date. That’s why building and optimising product feeds is crucial for online retailers.

A product feed typically contains a product image, title, marketing copy, and product attributes that are unique to your business. You can continuously respond to product updates and capitalise on social trends if you want to dominate. There are certain metrics that should be prioritised above all others to remain competitive.

  • Updating price changes, sales and promotions so it’s reflective of the main website.
  • New product listings are integrated into the feed so they are available to be advertised through shopping feeds.
  • Product descriptions and headlines are tailored to entice the user towards the product. It’s iImportant to use unique selling points that are unique to you.
  • Product quantity is accurate. Ensure products advertised are available in-store so you are not wasting your budget promoting out-of-stock products.

The best product feed management tools for eCommerce websites will help you optimise your data and make your ads much more effective across the channels.

Management tools.

  • Channable
  • DataFeedWatch
  • WakeupData
  • GoDataFeed
  • ChannelAdvisor
  • Productsup

A feed takes the information from your online store and allows you to make changes then displays information on advertising channels like Google Shopping, Facebook and other online platforms.

Check out our short video on product feed management.

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